Our Ideals & Mission

  • To inculcate good values. viz. good conduct, obedience, punctuality, self-discipline and respect for others.

  • To develop knowledge and skills through better teaching facilities and well-qualified and motivated teachers. To attain Academic excellence by offering a wide syllabus to ensure, students reach their full potential in external examinations. 

  • To develop a sense of nationality, unity in diversity and desire for integration of regional, linguistic and ideological heterogeneity.

  • To help the students to understand the ethical, social and physical interdependence in the modern world of individuals, groups and nations.

  • To develop students’ creative powers so that they may express themselves and their response to the experience of living.

  • To attain physical fitness, through games and sports under the supervision of trained instructors to help students’ physical skills related to healthy living and the pursuit of physical activities.

  • To seek to meet the needs and aspirations of our students, parents and staff.

  • To develop a happy and wholesome personality through extra-curricular activities.

  • Our motto “Lead Kindly Light”.

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Parents/Guardians may deposit the School Fees at their nearest HDFC Bank Locations/Branches

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